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Kavir Cookware Co. represents one of the biggest investments in the field of producing non-stick cookware in Iran in its exclusive 20000 square meters of warehouses and automated production line. The company has been known as an industry pioneer in the above mentioned field. It has been the only holder of roller coating system in Iran at the same time equipped with the spray coating system. Using the most modern laboratory equipments, the company has taken a giant step in producing non-stick cookware to be able to provide its customers with unique Iranian products of global quality. For the products to meet all the requirements, quality controls also play an important role. They include abrasion test, adhesion test, salt water test as well as oil test. All the products are manufactured in Yazd-Iran at the high possible quality standards. Receiving Iran standard application sign, European CE standard, production license from Food and Drug Administration, ISO 9000 certificate in quality management as well as establishment of ISO 17025 at its laboratory would certify all the above-mentioned subjects. Besides the other credentials, Kavir Cookware held the honor of being active under the licence of American Dupont company for 5 years prior to the sanction against Iran. In the Research and Development department, activities in the fields of design, colour, packaging, handles and the other technical features are being done. Our present as well as the future portfolio can be based on the following fundamental principles:

Board of Directors

Mr. Mohammad Naser Vatanchi
Directing Manager

Mr. Ahmad Vatanchi
President of the board

Mr. Mohammad Reza Vatanchi
Vice-President of the board